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Rockapps Digital Product team, with results in hand from digital consulting phase, has a clear map to develop and launch your product. It includes a lot of professionals of multiple industries and a lot of process, but hey! we’r stick with it for a long time. Just fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the show!

Starting with defining shareholders, copyrights, and trademark registration, through branding, UI/UX, development, and testing, we’ll keep you informed at every step, ensuring accuracy. We specialize in developing, maintaining, and helping your product grow, thriving in the real-world market.

Process steps

Legal procedures

Ideation & Creation

Digitl Product Design

Development phases

Launch App & Start growing

Final Quality testing

Constant Reporting


For e clear picture, below you have a detailed timeline of Digital product development phases. For each steps when should start and end.


Company registration, Copyrights, Trademarks, Product Patenting and other legal stuff.


Research of competence, design and branding and complete user interfaces designed and prototyped.


Quality testing ensures that all aspects of the product, from functionality to security, meet predefined standards and user expectations.


This phase involves deploying it to the market and implementing strategies to increase its user base and enhance its features over time.

Digital product development involves creating user-friendly software solutions to address specific needs or problems.


The process of making a digital product available to users after development and testing, often accompanied by version updates and distribution across platforms.


Gathering and analyzing insights and opinions from users to improve the quality and user experience of a product or service.


Digital Product References


Hello, Im Enis, and I’m glad to guide you thru the digital consultation process.

Why Digital Consulting is important for my idea

Digital Consulting is vital for initial ideas as it offers expertise in navigating digital complexities, ensuring informed decisions and strategic positioning for success. This process helps us to maximise the potential of your idea into a successful enterprise.

How much costs the Digital Consulting process

Product research costs vary based on your project’s scope and complexity. We’ll discuss your needs in our initial consultation to provide a clear pricing structure tailored to your requirements and your budget.

How to start Digital Consultation?

It’s very easy, you can directly chat via Whatsapp with one of our project managers, or you can contact us via contact form in Contact page, sharing your idea and any other doc you have in posesion.

How long takes this process

Digital Consulting could take max. 17 working days. Depends on your idea and the documents you provide us in the begining.

Can You start developing without Digital consultation?

We wouldn’t encourage such an action, without even the shortest phase of digital consultation. Even the project is for internal company use, we have still to research for best suitable solution for You.

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