Our journey dates back to 2012, developing simple websites. Now, we count over 100 completed websites, over 10 mobile apps and several advanced digital products, as well as many teams of professionals specialized in the research, design, development and maintenance of digital products.

We always try have the core Swiss values as our beacon. Uncompromised quality with 110% dedication, accompanied by punctuality and full transparency. Striving to ethically educate our clients in choosing the best path in the digital world, serving as their companions and partners toward business success in the local and global market. This impact encourages us to work even harder to make our planet better better place to live.

It’s true that statistics don’t show all effort but offer only a glimpse of history. So, let’s save your time with a quick overview of our overall stats.


2012We started
60+Active clients
100+Website accomplished
10+Mobile Apps
4+Digital products launched
5Countries we work with
25+Professionals on board
20+Technologies used


Software Engineers

From conceptualization to deployment, our team of skilled and long term experienced software engineers at Rockapps ensures the delivery of robust and scalable solutions that empower your business to thrive in the digital landscape.

QA Engineers

Leveraging advanced testing methodologies, our QA engineers at Rockapps meticulously verify the functionality and performance of each software product, upholding the highest standards of quality assurance to exceed customer expectations, always stick to Swiss quality.

Product Designers

In our cozy hub of innovation, our product designers work their magic on user-centric design principles, crafting interfaces so intuitive and visually excellent that every navigation through our designs elicits a resounding “Wow!” from our clients at every tap and click.

Business Conslutants

Our adept team of business analysts at Rockapps utilizes strategic insights and data-driven methodologies to unveil untapped opportunities, guiding clients towards impactful decisions and nurturing sustainable growth strategies tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

Executive Leadership

Under the guiding light of visionary and experienced leadership, our Founder & CEO, Enis Jusufi, Rockapps pioneers innovation, nurtures a culture of excellence, and empowers our dedicated workforce to fulfill our collective mission of turning ideas into reality for our cherished clients.

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